Current Projects

Street Cleansing & Maintenance

We know that people are attracted to clean, green areas for business and leisure, so to enhance the public realm across London Heritage Quarter we carry out daily cleaning and reporting.

Outreach and Engagement Team

The BID, in partnership with The Passage, provide the Outreach and Engagement Team. This team is a dedicated daytime street engagement team consisting of three experienced outreach workers that cover the BID footprint.

Patrol Teams

Our on-street security team are out in the BID areas 7 days a week from first thing in the morning to late at night. They’re tasked with preventing crime and anti-social behaviour, and providing welfare support to vulnerable members of the public.

Emergency Notification System

The Northbank BID and Victoria BID Emergency Notification Systems are incident alerting messaging systems that allows us to share important information via email, SMS and mobile app with local businesses and staff.

King’s Scholars’ Passage

King’s Scholars’ Passage was identified as a project site within the Victoria BID Public Realm strategy, People Wanted, as one of a suite of spaces that could “transform Victoria into a place for people, create a destination and a successful location for all to work, live, shop and move in.”

The Arc

The Arc project seeks to create a people first route for all ages and abilities between Storey’s Gate and Cardinal Place – an arc that gives the project its name.

Villiers Street

Villiers Street, bounded to the east by the River Thames, is home to a concentration of prevalent visitor attractions and historic landmarks.