People wanted Whitehall

We are delighted to be publishing ‘People Wanted Whitehall’ and to be sharing this vision for the Whitehall area; building on the strategy ‘People Wanted’ for neighbouring Victoria.

Nine public spaces across Whitehall are under development proposals, including the construction of a Whitehall River Walk connecting St James’ Park and the Thames, and the development of Parliament Square and Bridge Street to bring wider pavements and a new tube exit.

The proposals – published by the Whitehall Business Improvement District, within the London Heritage Quarter spanning Victoria, Victoria Westminster, Whitehall and Northbank – are central to driving investment in this part of London, enhancing space for public use and creating a sustainable plan for this historic location.

Proposals for the area include:

  1. Unveiling the Whitehall River Walk – the development of a new riverfront attraction and connection between St James’ Park and the Thames, establishing a more pedestrianised riverbank.
  2. A new arrival experience to Parliament Square and Bridge Street – widening the width of pavements and reducing the width of roads at Bridge Street. A new central tube entrance is included in the proposals, in favour of wider public footpaths, scramble crossings and more greenery. Improving safety in the area and a positive arrival experience to Whitehall from Westminster Station.
  3. Revealing the ‘Queen’s Walk’ – strengthening links between Buckingham Palace to the Thames, where visitors can use Augmented Reality and interactive maps to navigate the area and learn about the history of the area.
  4. Enhancing the ‘King’s Walk’ – King Charles Street will be enhanced and pedestrianised to bring better connectivity between Whitehall and St James’s Park, reflecting the historic route of the former River Tyburn. The street will be enhanced by sensitive lighting and rewilding.
  5. Introducing the most sustainable court in Westminster – the regeneration of Craig’s Court bringing rewilding and greening to the area as well as infrastructure enhancement for mixed use space. Rewilding will be underpinned by new sustainable drainage solutions.
  6. An Augmented Reality hidden gems trail – celebrating the hidden history of Westminster, allowing visitors to use AR to explore lesser-known landmarks including Winston Churchill’s balcony, Queen Mary’s Steps and Horse Guards’ Clock Tower.
  7. Introduction of the Whitehall Palace Footprint –strengthening connections between St James’s Park and the Thames, revealing the hidden history of Whitehall.


Ruth Duston, OBE, OC, Chief Executive of London Heritage Quarter which encompasses the Whitehall BID said: “London remains a world-class destination and is unmatched in its vibrant culture and atmosphere. But we must continue to invest in our most recognisable assets if we are to remain competitive on a global stage. These proposals are designed to make Whitehall a safer, cleaner and more pleasant place to visit and to work. Our research shows that enjoying public spaces in the capital is increasingly important to Londoners and tourists alike, and it’s projects like these that help to ensure people can enjoy the city at its best.”