The Bath House

The Bath House draws on and updates a centuries old bathing tradition to offer visitors an experience that is authentic, restorative and social.

The Bath House comprises a Public Banya (for groups of up to 35 people) and Private Banya (for groups of up to 10 people). Both banyas have a log cabin steam room with a traditional ceramic handmade stove, tipping buckets and ice cold plunge pool.

The signature treatment parenie is an intense steam massage with oak, birch and eucalyptus leaves soaked in hot water to release their aromas and nutrients. The Bath House offers scrubs, body wraps and invigorating massage, all performed with organic ingredients like coffee, tar soap, sea salt and honey.

At The Bath house you relax in the lounge which is also a dining area where you can enjoy a freshly cooked Eastern European meal with all-time favourites such as Ukrainian borsch and pelmeni (dumplings) and a selection of home made soft drinks perfect to stay hydrated.

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