In October 2013 the business community around Trafalgar Square, Strand and Aldwych voted to create The Northbank Business Improvement District (BID). The BID was renewed for a second term in 2018 with 94% of businesses voting in favour and again in 2023, when 95% voted ‘yes’ at the ballot.

In response to a wide-spread feeling that the area was tired and undesirable, as well as other challenges to the wellbeing of the area, a diverse community from academia, the corporate world, and the culture and hospitality sectors united behind the shared goal of enhancing the area’s integrity and appeal in the face of constant change and competition.

By strengthening our area’s identity, cleanliness and safety, the Northbank BID strives to continually improve the experience of people working, living and studying here, while attracting a higher number of business visitors and tourists.

Today, the Northbank is being transformed into a vibrant 24-hour destination through an ambitious programme of initiatives designed to complement the area’s impressive cultural, entertainment and corporate assets. International tourists flock to see world-famous landmarks; domestic visitors, local workers, residents and students meet friends and explore historic – and increasingly pedestrian-friendly – streets and public gardens; and multinational organisations build a home for themselves here.

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