Freight, Servicing and Deliveries

Like most parts of central London, the London Heritage Quarter also suffers from vehicle congestion and its associated effects – poor air quality, noise, and visual and road safety impacts.

Freight, servicing and delivery (FSD) vehicles such as light goods vehicles and powered two-wheelers are the greatest cause of congestion, air pollution and collisions in Westminster. If nothing is done to tackle freight movement activity, the Westminster City Council forecasts that these vehicles will increase by 36% by 2041.

Yet FSD vehicles bring goods and services to BID members in the London Heritage Quarter area and enable them to operate, supporting the prosperity of the region, the borough, and London.

Reducing the number of FSD vehicle trips overall, re-moding to more sustainable delivery methods, and re-timing deliveries to avoid peak weekday periods are three key strands of activity. This will ensure that the streets become healthier, businesses get what they need, and the London Heritage Quarter area continues to retain and attract investment.